New Medical Marijuana Products Coming to New Jersey

Patients with medical marijuana prescriptions in New Jersey will soon get to choose between buying edible drops and enhanced lotions, along with a variety of other non-smokable medical marijuana products. According to the South Jersey dispensary, non-smokable cannabis products were approved for manufacture and selling, which will give patients options on how they wish to ease their suffering.

The other formulations of medical marijuana are only available at Compassionate Sciences dispensary in Bellmawr. Experts believe that new oral forms of medical marijuana, such as lozenges, will make administering the medication easier for patients who have difficulty inhaling marijuana.

Although smokable marijuana has been made available since 2012, patients have been vocal in their wishes to bring new products to the medical marijuana market. Cannabis oil, for example, is in especially high demand for parents who have children suffering from chronic seizures.

Health Department spokeswoman Dawn Thomas says topical and edible medical marijuana products will be available to patients of all ages, despite Gov. Chris Christie’s claims stating that some edible products would be for children consumption only.

In order to ensure that new cannabis products are in line with the state’s health regulations, the health department will conduct frequent inspections to monitor quality control, ingredients, sanitary conditions, and packaging.

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