Therapeutic Cannabis for the Elderly

Numerous scientific findings and clinical claims on the use of therapeutic marijuana for elderly patients has sparked discussion for cannabis to be used for neuropathic pain and any spasticity as a result of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and glaucoma. Because many of these conditions are rather prevalent in the elder population, many physicians have found that using marijuana is an effective medical alternative to opioids. In this blog our New Jersey medical marijuana doctor discusses how cannabis can help the elderly treat chronic pain and safety tips elderly patients should consider during their treatment.

A Beneficial Alternative

According to a study published by Health Affairs this year, researchers found that states what welcomed medical marijuana laws saw a substantial turn away from prescription drugs that would ordinarily be used to treat similar symptoms. A significant number of Medicare prescriptions decreased for drugs that are used to treat various conditions including depression, anxiety, nausea, psychoses, seizures, and sleep disorders. What does this mean for elder patients? Many doctors find that senior patient’s biggest complaint regarding prescription pills is that they often result in a number of side effects that rival the condition they are trying to treat in the first place. Marijuana’s healing properties can target several issues including inflamed joints, high blood pressure, headaches, and more.

Safety Tips for Senior Patients

Elderly patients who are already experiencing respiratory conditions should talk to their doctor about what strain of consumption method would work best for them. Contrary to popular belief, smoking, while it remains a popular choice, is not the only option patients have. Topical application, vaporizing, lozenges, oils, and tincture concentrates are all options made available for patients. Basic safety precautions when using medical marijuana is to ensure you are using appropriate dosage and avoid sharing with family and friends – treat medical marijuana the same way you would with prescription medication.

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