Dr. Medvedovsky Speaks of Medical Marijuana Obstacles in Courier-Post

Although New Jersey is home to 354 physicians who can legally write prescriptions for medical marijuana, patients seeking a prescription still face many hurdles. According to an article published in the Courier-Post, under New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, only certain patients with qualifying conditions are able to be prescribed marijuana – glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease, intractable skeletal spasticity, lateral sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy are just a few of the qualifying conditions.

PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions, however, are not included. In order to add other conditions to the list, they must first be reviewed and approved by a panel. Even if the review panel accepts a new condition to be added, the state’s health commissioner can overrule the decision. Under the program, physicians can only give a prescription to patients they’ve seen at least four times. Once given approval, patients are charged $200 to register for the program and pay out of pocket for medical cannabis, which costs $480 per ounce. Some doctors claim the program is an unattainable solution for patients who are unemployed or impoverished by their illness.

Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky of New Jersey Alternative Medicine says that patient demand still remains on the rise, even when medical marijuana is taxed at an all-time high of 7 percent. “Over the 2 and a half years I’ve been in practice, many patients have asked me about medical marijuana.”

Since joining New Jersey’s medical marijuana program in July, Dr. Medvedovsky has prescribed cannabis to 50 patients, including children who suffer from epilepsy – his experience has shown him that there are complex conditions that are difficult to treat conventionally. “Many patients told me if they could smoke marijuana legally, they would be so happy to get off their other medications.”

Dr. Medvedovsky is a board-certified physician who specializes in pain medicine, headache management, and neurology. As his patient, you can expect tailored treatments based on your medical history and a flexible payment plan to accommodate your budget, regardless of your financial strains.

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