Are You a New Patient? A Better Way To Manage Your Pain

Enrollment Prices

Participation in the NJ Medical Marijuana Program

As a patient, everything you turn in is kept entirely confidential between pertinent staff, yourself, and your primary care physician. It is important to note that your medical insurance will not cover the cost of participation in the New Jersey medical marijuana program. For latest updates on the NJ Medical Marijuana Program - click here.

Breakdown of Consultation & Enrollment (Prices vary, please call (856) 351-5277 to discuss)*

  • Practice Fee: $400 - $450: This includes the office visit, registration visit, education visit, follow-up, and a 3-month prescription.
  • Transfer Fee: $200: This is for digital scans/ uploads of patient paperwork.
  • Follow Up Visit: $100 - $125: This is for a three-month recertification.
  • NJ State Fee: $100: This is paid to the state. This fee may be reduced to $20 with the State Assisted Program.

Discounts offered with the Medical Marijuana Program

  • Minors (anyone under 18 years of age) – No enrollment charge. Required to have a letter from treating physician/pediatrician.
  • Veterans: $20 registration fee with valid documentation. Any recertification is between $50 - $75.
  • Senior Citizens (over 65 years of age): $20 registration fee with valid documentation.. Any recertification is between $50 - $75.
  • People with Disabilities: $20 registration fee with valid documentation.. Any recertification is between $50 - $75.
  • Current RA Pain Patients receive a $75 - $100 discount and must be active in the system within the past 6 months. Any recertification is between $50 - $75.

Registration must be renewed every two years in New Jersey. After your initial evaluation with New Jersey Alternative Medicine, you will need to visit NJ MMP Patient Registration Information and follow the instructions provided. All documents are submitted electronically on the New Jersey State website. For more information on obtaining a registration card, replacement of card, payment, ATC locations and much more – click here.

Compliance with New Jersey MMP Laws

In order to remain compliant with the NJ MMP laws, you will need to see the doctor every 90 days. We highly encourage you to contact our office at least 14 days before this time period (90 days) is up. We CANNOT recertify you unless you have been seen by the doctor. Are you an RA Pain Services patient? Please make a separate appointment for your MMP recertification. We are two separate programs and will make no exceptions.

Make your appointment before leaving the office, or call us at (856) 351-5277.

RA Pain Services will not be able to answer any questions nor help you with any problems you may have concerning the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. They do not accept walk-ins. All documentation must be dropped off during New Jersey Alternative Medicine office hours. Lastly, all medicinal marijuana must be purchased at an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC).

*Prices vary depending on location of visits. No discounts can be combined. All prices are subject to change.