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About New Jersey Alternative Medicine (NJAM)

Our Managing Physician is Board-Certified in Neurology and Pain Medicine

As a fully-equipped medical facility, New Jersey Alternative Medicine (NJAM) is a trusted source of treatment for patients facing chronic pain and disease. The facility is run by a registered New Jersey marijuana doctor, Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky, who is Board-Certified in both Neurology and Pain Medicine. Dr. Medvedovsky is a dedicated specialist who genuinely cares for his patients, looking to provide them with the highest quality of treatment. Eligible residents of New Jersey are able to undergo extensive medical marijuana testing and evaluation. A personalized treatment plan and pain management options are then provided to each patient. At New Jersey Alternative Medicine, we can compassionately and caringly guide you through the process of obtaining a New Jersey medical marijuana card. This card enables you to possess medical marijuana from a state-operated dispensary, also known as Alternative Treatment Centers, without fear of prosecution.

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New Jersey Alternative Medicine offers top of the line treatment from highly educated, respected medical professionals such as Dr. Medvedovsky. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you with professional services and authentic care. At New Jersey Alternative Medicine, you will be treated as an individual, not a number. We will carefully and capably work to meet your needs and circumstances with the goal of improving your quality of life.

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